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Henry John Brinsley Manners, 8th Duke of Rutland by Violet Manners, Duchess of Rutland (1856-1937)

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Konstantin Somov (Russian, 1869-1939), The Boxer, 1933

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thefoodogatemyhomework: Unbelievable sideboard vignette from Garden & Gun Magazine.

The home of Mary Doffermyre in Atlanta.

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Here is a Detail of a map of Savannah from 1818

Savannah was planned and expanded upon by repeating the design of a single neighborhood unit 24 times.

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John Singer Sargent, Scuola di San Rocco, 1903, Private collection.

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yes one of these mr. bartender and keep them coming

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Cuerna de venado, Diego Velázquez, 1626. Source.

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John Singer Sargent

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